Onboard the first train on the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Rail


  1. C2032: Tianjin–Beijing South
    Class: Economy (Chinese: “Second Class Seat”)
    Fare: CN¥58 (≈ US$9)
    Distance: 120 km
    Time: 30 minutes (12:00 – 12:30, June 30, 2011)
    On the Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Rail, which opened in August 2008
  2. G1: Beijing South–Shanghai Hongqiao
    Class: First (Chinese: “Business Seat”)
    Fare: CN¥1750 (≈ US$270)
    Distance: 1318 km
    Time: 5 hours, 9 minutes (15:00 – 20:09, June 30)
    First commerical train on the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Rail
  3. G2: Shanghai Hongqiao–Nanjing South
    Class: First (Chinese: “Sightseeing Seat”)
    Fare: CN¥430 (≈ US$66)
    Distance: 295 km
    Time: 1 hours, 7 minutes (09:00 – 10:07, July 1)
  4. G214: Nanjing South–Tianjin West
    Class: Business (Chinese: “First Class Seat”)
    Fare: CN¥680 (≈ US$105)
    Distance: 918 km
    Time: 3 hours, 46 minutes (12:26 – 16:12, July 1)

Leaving home at 11:18 on June 30, 2011

Metro under construction in front of Tianjin Railway Station

Arrived Tianjin Station at 11:37

The northern square of Tianjin Station

Security check at 11:40

The first train, C2032, Tianjin to Beijing South, was at Platform 15

Got through the ticket check machine using the Chinese Resident Identity Card, which is a machine readable contactless smart card

The ticket was booked on the Internet at 12306.cn on June 27 at 18:42

CRH3-007C; This would be my 532nd China Railway High-speed (CRH) train ride since its introduction in April 2007

The train started moving at 11:59:25, 35 seconds ahead of schedule

It stopped moving at 12:30:00, not a single second early or late

And arrived at Platform 23 in Beijing South Railway Station

Beijing South arrival

Ticket check at the arrival

Going upstairs for the next departure

5100 Tibet Spring, from 5100 meters above sea level in Tibet, free to every high-speed rail passenger

Beijing South Railway Station

“Warmly Celebrate the Opening of the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Rail”

VIP Lounge for passengers holding “Business Seat” tickets; On these trains, “Business Seat” is a better travel class than “First Class Seat”

Inside the VIP Lounge

Free drinks

Wireless Internet

Twitter behind the Great Firewall over VPN

Waiting for boarding

And one more security check…

Premiere Wen Jiabao appeared in the station at 14:33

As Wen got into the station, ticket check opened

This is DavidFeng@Twitter, who had seat 04C besides me

I had seat 04F; The train was a 16-car CRH380B-6216L

The train started moving at 15:00:00 and pulled out of the station, perfectly on time

Mr. Sheng Guangzu, current Minister of Railways

21 minutes into the trip, Langfang Station arrived, the officials got off here

The distance between Beijing South and Langfang is 60 km

David Feng is being interviewed

Tianjin South arrival at 15:45:25, 04m25s late because of the longer than expected stop in Langfang

Journalists onboard

There are 24 seats in the VIP coach

Jinan West Station arrival at 16:48:43, 02m43s late

Free WiFi onboard, but not always work

Dinner is included for passengers hold a VIP ticket

The meal


313 km/h

My seat

Crossing Yangtze River at 18:58

This television did not work properly

Microwave oven

Approach Shanghai Hongqiao Station

The train stopped moving at 20:08:24, arrived at Platform 1 in Shanghai Hongqiao Station, 36 seconds ahead of schedule; Doors were fully opened at 20:08:53

This was my 533rd ride on China Railway High-speed trains


The arrivals

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Metro

Speed profile of the historical ride; My GPS did not lock with satellites until the train was running near Botou, some 70 minutes into the trip

The second morning

Got a metro ticket to Hongqiao Railway Station at 07:47

People’s Square, the busiest metro hub in Shanghai

Tranferred to Line 2; People’s Square departure at 08:05:41, Hongqiao Railway Station at 08:36:20

Got tickets printed out at an automatic ticketing machine in Shanghai Hongqiao Station

And security check

Train G2 would depart at 09:00

It was waiting passengers at Platform 1


Buttons besides the seat

I had a “Sightseeing Seat” in Coach 01 Seat 01A, which is right behind the driver’s room

Unfortunately, from Shanghai to Beijing, Coach 01 is located at the rear of the train

Yangcheng Lake near Suzhou

Slippers and eyeshade for VIP passengers

The VIP room has 6 seats at the end of the train

At 10:04:36, the train stopped at Platform 7 in Nanjing South Station, 02m24s early

Nanjing South Railway Station

Ticket check on arrival

Speed profile of train G2 from Shanghai Hongqiao to Nanjing South

Nanjing Metro

Inside the metro station

At the platform

A metro ride to Xinjiekou, the shopping area of Nanjing, costs CN¥3

In the train

Lunch near Xinjiekou, then took metro back to the station

The entrance to the station

Security check


The station is huge

Train G214 was 19 minutes late?

Or, it was 9 minutes late?

Platform 10

The Beijing direction

It was CRH380A-6011

In the “First Class Seat” coach; The train departed from Nanjing South at 12:34:12, 08m12s late

Jinan Yellow River Bridge

Cangzhou West Station

Tianjin West arrival at 16:15:51, 03m51s late

This was my 535th ride on CRH trains

The arrival floor in Tianjin West Station

Tianjin West Railway Station

Entrance to the metro station

Tianjin Metro

“BIOS ROM checksum error”

Speed profile of train G214 from Nanjing South to Tianjin West

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